Cossar State Park 2020

The park features boating, waterskiing and fishing on 28,000-acre Enid Lake, 83 campsites, 13 camper cabins, visitors center ( pictures of my grandfather) , 18-hole disc golf course, 18-hole miniature golf course, picnic area, beach volleyball and a 2.2-mile nature trail. One of our family traditions is putting out and checking the trotlines.

Our Family stays in the camper cabins. You have to reserve cabins 2 years in advance. We usually have all 13 rented. Mississippi state parks have been closed for about three months due to Covid. They re-opened at the beginning of June and we were able to have our Family reunion three weeks later. Everything was outside so thankfully we were all safe.

This is a tradition with our family that goes back probably 50 or so years.

Genesis and Kristen

Greezer, Harper and Heather

Trot line 🐟🐢
Deer everywhere
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4 thoughts on “Cossar State Park 2020

  1. Cossar III,George P June 23, 2020 — 2:44 pm

    Very nice

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  2. Thanks for sending that! Enjoyed reading about it all and seeing the pics!! What a great place !

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  3. We love our annual family reunion with all the Cossars!❤️💙

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  4. Such a fun time we have!!! I love knowing about all my cousins and seeing them once a year. #blessed

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